The Alex.Steinbach story

Alex.Steinbach Piano

Alex. Steinbach pianos are made by one of the world's most influential piano companies, Samick Musical Instruments Co Ltd.  Based in South Korea, Samick owns and operates piano manufacturing companies around the world including the prestigious Seiler Pianofortefabrik GmbH in Germany.

Alex. Steinbach pianos are distributed in Australia by Pianos First (Aust.) Pty Ltd, an independent, Australian-owned company based in Sydney, New South. Each piano dealership in the Pianos First network supports their local areas, not only through employing staff, but also by supporting teachers, tuners and other businesses. In this way, profits stay in Australia and help employ Australians.

Pianos First was founded by musician and entrepreneur Peter Edwards who started the business way back in 1968. Since that time, Pianos First (Aust.) Pty Ltd has become a highly regarded name in the music industry, synonymous with friendly personal service. It has grown from a small local business, to a company today with an extensive nationwide network and involvement in the music industry internationally.

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