GLOBAL Warranty for our modern world

Samick's Global Warranty enables you to enjoy your new Samick piano with complete confidence. This warranty is ideal for those who desire an extra measure of security for their piano investment. You will be able to relax and enjoy your instrument, because with Samick's Global Warranty you can rely on:

Samick understands the demands of today's society where people increasingly live and work across international borders, families move more frequently and cultural or language issues are often difficult to overcome. We live in a constantly changing, transient and cultural diverse world.

Consequently, Samick offers a ten (10) year Global Warranty on all new, registered Samick acoustic pianos. Other piano manufacturers do not generally provide service in countries outside where you originally purchased. In contrast, a Samick piano provides complete investment security with their comprehensive and truly universal Global Warranty.

You will receive warranty assistance and service in any country of the world where a Samick acoustic piano distributor is located, irrespective of the country where you originally purchased your piano. Purchasing a Samick acoustic piano is a sound investment because your warranty will move with you and your piano.
Samick currently support a network of over eighty acoustic piano distributors around the world. You are guaranteed to receive attentive service and expert advice from all Samick distributors internationally, regardless of your location or language spoken.

WHAT does my Global Warranty cover?

Subject to the terms stated below, your Samick Global Warranty is a limited warranty that will cover any defects in manufacturing or factory-fitted materials in your Samick piano, for a period of ten (10) years from the original date of purchase.

This warranty only covers the piano itself and is only valid in countries where official Samick acoustic piano distributors are located. If an authorised Samick representative deems there is a genuine manufacturing issue, it will be the responsibility of Samick and its national distributors to fully cover the cost of repair, including the cost of parts if required, freight of parts and labour by an authorised person.

If the piano is irreparable, Samick and its national distributors will provide you with a replacement piano. If the same model and style is not available, a comparable model will be supplied. If after a reasonable number of attempts, repair or replacement of the piano is not possible, Samick and its national distributors will provide a partial or full refund of the purchase price.

This will only occur after all other avenues of redress have been undertaken and will take into consideration the extent of the problem, the piano's age, the care you have extended to the piano and the percentage of use already enjoyed. Please note that this warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights, which vary from state to state and country to country.

PERIOD of the warranty

This warranty will take effect from the date of purchase, not delivery, for a period of ten (10) years. If you experience a problem, but cannot prove the date of purchase, the warranty will revert to the date of manufacture. The warranty cannot be extended even if parts are replaced or repaired. If you receive a replacement piano, your warranty start date for the original piano will abide.

WARRANTY Transferability

A limited transfer is permitted. Any remaining portion of the warranty will transfer to the new owner, but only if your piano is sold to or traded-in through an authorised Samick piano dealer. If you sell your piano privately, or through a piano store not officially authorised to sell Samick acoustic pianos, then the Global Warranty will not transfer to the new owner.

In this way, Samick aim to protect the quality of the Samick brand and guarantee that all Samick customers will receive expert piano advice and warranty service. Pre-loved Samick owners wishing to make a warranty claim may be required to show proof of purchase, showing details of the authorised Samick dealer store from which they purchased their piano.

Your warranty will move with you and your piano. If you are intending to move country, we recommend contacting your Samick dealer or distributor for transport advice. Please also notify Samick of your change of address for your warranty record by contacting your local dealer or national distributor by emailing

WARRANTY Exclusions

Samick's Global Warranty will not include:

*Some states and countries do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply in your state or country.
This warranty is not intended to limit any rights under statutory requirements.

PROCEDURE for warranty repairs

If you experience a troubling or recurring problem, firstly speak to your Samick-approved piano tuner/technician and the authorised dealer from whom you purchased the instrument. They will assess the problem and determine if it is covered under warranty. If the store and tuner deem it to be a warranty issue they should contact the Samick national distributor in their country for warranty repair approval, prior to making any repairs.

You may be required to show written proof that your piano has been tuned regularly by an approved Samick piano tuner/technician. If your point of concern has not been resolved within 30 days following notification to your local dealer, please contact your national Samick distributor below with details.

Pianos First
PO Box 3092
Launceston, Tasmania 7250
phone: 1300 889 365

Please note that response and service times may vary between distributors and from country to country. In most cases, your dealer or distributor will be able to correct the problem. In the unlikely event that your Samick dealer or distributor is unable to resolve your enquiry, please report your experience to Samick Musical Instruments Co., Ltd, with a detailed explanation in writing to or post to

Head of Quality Assurance
Samick Musical Instruments Co., Ltd
424 Cheoncheon Dong
South Korea 403-718

Samick will endeavour to respond to all communication in a timely manner. Please note that Samick's response time and resolution, may depend on the severity of the complaint and whether or not the problem is manufacturing in nature and covered under warranty.

FURTHER information

To discuss any aspect of your Samick piano please speak to the Samick dealer from which you purchased the piano, your Samick recommended piano tuner/technician or your national Samick distributor by emailing

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